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Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar 3R 1/1
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Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar 3R

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Experience unmatched performance on the road or the track with the Eagle® F1 SuperCar® 3R tires. Crafted with a racing-derived tread compound, these tires deliver unrivaled performance in both dry and damp conditions, ensuring consistent lap times for the ultimate driving experience.

The asymmetric tread design, featuring large and aggressive pattern ribs, offers phenomenal grip and precise steering response, giving you complete control over your vehicle's movements. On dry surfaces, the uniquely designed large outside shoulder and centerline blocks provide maximum grip while cornering, resulting in exceptional stability during dry handling.

The combination grip technology employed in these tires ensures superior grip while cornering, allowing your vehicle to maneuver confidently during corner braking and acceleration. You'll feel the difference in steering responsiveness, thanks to the lightweight, racing-derived construction that reduces unsprung mass, enhancing steering and handling precision.

Whether you're pushing your vehicle to the limits on the racetrack or seeking an exhilarating ride on the open road, the Eagle® F1 SuperCar® 3R tires are your go-to choice for unmatched grip, stability, and performance.

Pattern Features

*Superior performance in dry and damp conditions for consistent lap times.

*Phenomenal grip and precise steering response with an asymmetric tread design.

*Maximum grip and stability during cornering with large outside shoulder and centerline blocks.

*Unmatched grip while cornering with combination grip technology.

*Enhanced steering and handling precision due to lightweight, racing-derived construction.

*Racing-derived tread compound for an unparalleled driving experience.

*Ideal for both road and track use.

*Experience ultimate cornering stability with Eagle® F1 SuperCar® 3R tires.

**Rim is not included**

SizePart NumberLoad IndexSpeed IndexUTQG
305/30ZR1979700153898(Y)100 AA A
325/30ZR19797002538101(Y)100 AA A
235/35R1979701853891Y100 A A
285/30R1979703355394Y220 AA A
335/25R2079703655399Y220 AA A
275/35R1879703253895Y100 A A
265/40R19797024538102Y100 AA A
305/30R20797028538103Y100 A A
245/35R2079701953895Y100 AA A
285/30R2079703153895Y100 A A
285/30ZR1979702653894Y100 A A
335/25ZR2079703053899Y100 A A
245/35ZR20797097538100Y100 A A
285/35ZR20797082538100Y100 A A
265/35ZR1979711153898Y100 A A
205/50ZR1579710353886Y100 A A
205/45ZR1779710853888Y100 A A
225/45ZR1779710453891Y100 A A
245/40ZR1779710553891Y100 A A
235/40ZR1879710953895Y100 A A
245/40ZR1879705153897Y100 A A
265/40ZR18797073538101Y100 A A
265/35ZR1879710753897Y100 A A
285/30ZR1879710653893Y100 A A
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